Blueberry Pie

by Mary-Kate Edwards

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Debut EP released by Mary-Kate Edwards.

Blueberry Pie is the bittersweetness of creating through heartbreak.


released May 3, 2017

Arrangements, lyrics, piano, guitar, and singing by Mary-Kate Edwards
Violin by Emily Stewart
Cello by Hilary Hodgins
Harmony vocals and bass drum by Kyha Craig
Bass by Evan Fantin
Accordion by Scott Somerville
The choral gang includes Kyha Craig, Evan Fantin, Scott Somerville, Colton Despres, and Daniel Bullock
Album art by Holly Chang
Produced by James McKenty

Thank you so much to my team, Scott, Evan, Kyha, Hilary, Emily, Dan, Colton, James, and Holly, to Bridget Foley for your endless encouragement, to Glenn Bailey who continuously humbles me and teaches me, Chelsey Bennet who encouraged me to do this project.

To Jess Chorolovski, Rhea Shahe, Ivy Kaune, Rayna Lamond (and the rest of the Lamond family).

Most of all, thank you to my mother and father, for believing in me and all my crazy ideas.

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people to thank xo


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Mary-Kate Edwards Peterborough, Ontario

The lovechild of a storyteller and a pianist, Mary-Kate Edwards is a singer-songwriter from Peterborough, Ontario.

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Track Name: Blueberry Pie
Laughing high, back and low
When small brown eyes begin to flicker
My chest starts to echo.
Should I let the fire touch wicker?

The wicker that’s my start,
My heart shaped like a half empty pitcher,
Should I let you fill part?
Let you bleed and smudge into this picture?

‘Cause in my thoughts and in my songs,
My words right every "wrong",
Words my lips send on homing pigeons,
Tying the shape of us like a ribbon

You’re like the tender warmth of my oven,
You seep into the smell of my kitchen
When I bake blueberry pie,
I ask why,
Why I'm with somebody else?
Why can’t I help myself?
'Cause I know that I want you,
I’m just not sure you do.

I’ve been thinking,
I’ve been sinking,

Cause my heart breaks
My heart breaks
My heart breaks
Each time, each time, each time I make
Each time I make blueberry pie
Track Name: Sophia

Oh, Sophia
You smell just like magnolias
Life is bitter, and sweet
But these moments won’t keep, no they won’t keep

On the beach, we’d always stand
Feet scrunched up, deep in the sand
And you’d always wonder, you’d gasp at the sight
Said you wish you could be just like a June night

Oh, Sophia
You smell just like magnolias
Life is bitter, but you’re so sweet
These moments won’t keep, no they won’t keep

Swore I saw stars on your face
Two moons shining golden rays
And you’re beating sun spotted words and lines
You know, you’re writer, but a doctor is fine

Last night she called me up heart-broken,
So I reminded her that she’s swam oceans
She was born from the North and the South
And she paints pictures with the words of her mouth
Do you remember? Do you recall,
The time that I thought that I would fall?
Do you remember, January nights?
Oh, Sophia, you saved my life.

Oh, Sophia
I see you growing weaker,
I see the darkness in your eyes
But please believe me, when I say that your mind lies
Don’t believe it,
Don’t believe it.
Don’t believe it.
Don’t believe it,
Please, don’t believe it.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh x2
Track Name: Never Mine
My love is a pair of glasses without a lens
My love is a long long letter that will not send
It is the ebony and ivory without a hammer
It is a singer that cannot help but stammer

You and I are words left unsaid,
love left deep down inside our heads,
Crinkled eyes, and smiles wide
I was not yours, you were never mine

Your love is an open notebook, that’s been left empty
Your love is bumbling bee that’s never made no honey
It is the sweetest smile never to be seen
It is the most beautiful forest, where no one’s been

You and I are words left unsaid,
love left deep down inside our heads,
Crinkled eyes, and smiles wide
I was not yours, you were never mine

Ooooh oooh ooooh oooh x4

Ooooh ooooh oooooh nevermind x2 continuing under next verse

Our love is a running tap, with no cups to fill
Our love is a 12-hour sleep, where you wake up tired still
It is a hand that I will never hold
It is the words I wrote but never told

Ooooh ooooh oooooh nevermind

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